PoopTeen has done it again!

“Look gentlemen at my Swimming Pool. This isn’t just any Swimming pool. This gentlemen is the ‘Doom Pool’. It is filled with specially bred Piranhas. We bred these Piranhas to survive in sulfuric acid. So as our oppressed and depressed people swim away their fears they are burnt and eaten. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Moooouuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!”

“Wait a minute Kim!!! Your depressing oppression ends here!!! I’ll use my swift moves and intellect to save the swimmers. The Gang of Aces and I will give you and your men high kicks to the face.”

“I’ll get you PoopTeen!!! You may have stopped me from spreading my depressing oppression this time but my Evil Doer friend Stalin will not allow this to go unnoticed. You’re not going to get away next time PoopTeen!!! You will be forced to lay floral baskets at my feet.”

Never Kim!!! Never!!! The world is safe once more for babes to sleep soundly in their beds dreaming of figgy pudding and sugarplums. Thanks to PoopTeen.


Base humor is funny.

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