What does New York City do with its Poop?

Here at PoopTeen HQ when the Gang of Aces are not out breaking up international crime syndicates or stopping Kim Jong Un’s next bout of skullduggery we are often asked serious questions.


A fine resident of Dubuque Iowa wrote us and here is what she said:

Dear PoopTeen

The other day while strolling along the bank of the lovely Mississippi River I got to thinking about what New York City does with all their poop and I figured who better to ask than you. PoopTeen what does New York City do with its poop?


Marge Masterson

Ms. Masterson you have come to the right place. The Gang of Aces have actually been standing guard over NYC’s finest water treatment plant for some time now. We were even the ones to get Gizmodo in to tell the story too.

nyc shit plant

You can read all about it here.