Alien Invasion

It appears we have been invaded by bronze Cervus Canadensis We are looking to see where the invasion stems from.  At this point everything is indicating Outer Space.  PoopTeen is on the phone with Astronautical Senator John Glenn to get to the bottom of this caper.

Has PoopTeen met his match?!?!?!

“As an EDUFGWB(Evil Doers United For G.W.Bush) I must find some evil to do.  Like Destroy PoopTeen and his Gang of Aces.  Perhaps I can send that cute girl to my Gulag of Girls.”

“Oh No!!  Not the Gulag!!  Ahhh.  Help me PoopTeen!!”

“I’ll save you!!  Stand back Stalin.  With my ninja moves I will skin your knee and send you packing your Commie carpet bags!!”

“Arrrraaaagggghhhhh.  Not again!!  You foiled me once more PoopTeen!!  Next time you won’t be so lucky PoopTeen!!”