Disaster Averted

The world is once again safe for the unwashed masses. PoopTeen found some crazy kids with objects that looked suspect…

They claimed they were MIDI Devices.  What ever that means.  Like a terrorist will tell the truth if they aren’t being tortured.

It sounds like it means Massive International Destruction Initiative to me.

These people need to be stopped.  This MIDI stuff is clearly a threat to freedom and our way of life.  If we don’t act now it will be to late…Connect the dots people!!!

And I thought it was about Dre and Puff not getting along…


PoopTeen has been called upon once again to solve the worlds larger problems.  This time it is the East/West Rap war.

I know what you are thinking.
“PoopTeen, that has been settled for years.”  Well it hasn’t.  Just like we are still at war with North Korea this battle has only had a cease fire.
Puffy and Jay-Z gave me a call because they knew that this needed to be handed over to a higher authority.
That lead me to get on the phone with Dre and Snoop.  I got the whole story from them and now I’m off to New York to broker a peace and a final treaty with Puff and Z(That is what I call them–Don’t try it, they get mad if you call them that).
After this all gets settled the world will be safer for you and all those really bad Polish and Australian guys who think they can Rap.
Besides, Kim Jong Il called on me for my mad negotiation skrills and this will show the world that when PoopTeen is in de hiz-ouse he means bidniss.
*PoopTeen makes no claims and takes no side in the Biggie/2Pac murders.  He simply wants to save the world.

Alien Invasion

It appears we have been invaded by bronze Cervus Canadensis We are looking to see where the invasion stems from.  At this point everything is indicating Outer Space.  PoopTeen is on the phone with Astronautical Senator John Glenn to get to the bottom of this caper.