A interesting comparison.

It has come to the attention of PoopTeen and the Gang of Aces that a once dead Indian Princess is now a drummer for an aging garage rock band.

Compare the evidence.

Bon Von Wheelie

Princess Angeline
We are on the red phone with the International Time Travel Society to get to the bottom of these bad drumming skills.

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14 Responses to “A interesting comparison.”

  1. ningostingo@upyours.com' Zeta says:

    You site is aptly named.

  2. Atom says:

    Why thanks. We try hard here at PoopTeen.

  3. Lisamiller9@gmail.com' Lisa says:

    But this isn’t even funny – it’s dumb. You should try harder

  4. Atom says:

    Ahhh Lisa.

    Humor, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately what is “dumb” is subjective also. Unless, you are speaking about a person that can’t speak. Then they are dumb.

    Thanks for the comment.

    We try hard at PoopTeen.

  5. redhex666@gmail.com' RED HEX says:

    Wrong folks to mess with… You’re fucking dead.

  6. dedsmoke@hotmail.com' David Duet says:

    It’s on now, you might wanna take some SD classes or buy a Taser, just fair warning. I’ve sworn off such actions, but others will come, and they are coming for you

  7. Atom says:

    Hmm. I feel alive right now. Which makes me think you’re wrong.

  8. Atom says:

    For some reason I think I will be just fine.

  9. prttown@gmail.com' Laughing Hyena says:

    Thank you. I thought I would never stop laughing. Poop Teen, I’m cured.

  10. jessicarubyprindel@gmail.com' jess says:

    Good thing this is anonymous, if you ever mentioned something negative about Bon ANYWHERE in Tacoma you’d be fucking dead. Try it.

  11. Atom says:


    What was said that was negative to begin with?
    Here at PoopTeen we don’t lose sleep about people making claims about our premature deaths either.


  12. daveholmes@hotmail.com' td belt says:

    i see you have an appropriate picture of yourself . a piece of shit. come on down to tacoma & see what kind of a reception you get. i ;ll even photograph your after beating photos but then again your a big chicken shit with balls as big as your iq

  13. Atom says:

    Hey Dave.

    Are you the Dave Holmes from The Fall-Outs? Which would make sense since your band plays with Girl Trouble from time to time.

    As for those “after beating photos” you claim you are going to take. How exactly do you plan on doing that?


  14. Kees@poopteen.com' Keys says:

    Plenty of soft serve to go around!

    -The gang of aces

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