Josef Stalin Is At It Again

Thanks to PoopTeen and The Gang of Aces’ broad satellite network circling at 147.38 miles above the surface we have detected evil being done once again!!


This time Josef Stalin has used his No-Goodnik ways to manipulate cute little sea turtles to be the means of mass nuclear destruction.  “How?”  You say.  It appears that Evil Doer Josef has been working deep in the heart of North Korea’s natatoria to breed sea turtles to deliver nuclear weapons.



Our satellite network has spotted Stalin swimming and snuba diving not only wearing an ill fitting communist Speedo knock off but one with a load in his ass!!  This mentally wounds baby sea turtles so deeply that they seem willing to flock toward Stalin and his nuclear-weapon-packs-of-doom.


Never fear simple people.  PoopTeen will avert total destruction and save cute sea turtles all in one swoop.  I have personally challenged Stalin to the 400m Freestyle.  Best outta three.  Not a problem I swim the 400m in 3:35 every morning.  By this time tomorrow all turtles will be free once again. Stalin will have to shake his fist and scream as he always does “I’ll get you PoopTeen!!”


Base humor is funny.

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