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This came across the desk here at PoopTeen HQ when one of the Gang of Aces found a sheet of paper on the street.  Here it is verbatim.

Please follow these guidelines regarding food handling whenever dealing with food in client apartments.  Remember, your good modeling will go a long way in teaching food handling skills.


1) Always cover food in the refrigerator with foil, plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

2) Items in cupboards should be rotated and checked monthly for bugs and spoilage.  Check cupboards when meal planning and before every shopping trip.

3) Always roll down inner wrapper of cereal/cracker boxes and close top.

4) Mark the date on meats when they are put in the refrigerator from the freezer.  Marking dates on leftovers is helpful also.


1) Always wash hands with soap before working in kitchen.

2) Always use trivets when serving hot dishes on wooden tables.

3) Use appropriate serving utensils (not fingers) when dishing up food.

4) Model safe and sanitary food preparation; i.e don’t lick spoons that you are cooking with, turn off burners on stove and oven when done, always use potholders.  Clean counters and cutting boards as you work.

5) Finally, let clients participate as much as possible in preparation of their meals, giving assistance only when truly needed.


1) Always wash hands before preparing or eating food and after using toilet.

2) Kitchen area should be throughly cleaned during and after food preparation, so crumbs or spoiled food won’t spoil and attract insects and disease.  Clean cutting boards especially well with soapy water.

3) Wipe the table after eating.

4) Vacuum crumbs underneath the table.

5) Make sure appliances are cleaned during kitchen cleanup; i.e. electric can opener, coffee maker, toaster, microwave (inside and out), stove, refrigerator.


Base humor is funny.

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