Kim is at it again.

The PoopTeen HQ has just gotten word that the Evil Doer Kim Jong Un is about to launch another round of weaponized turtles.

kim-jong-un-boatHere you can see the young leader on a boat overseeing the impending launch of the turtles. Behind him is Suk-Yu Suk the mastermind of this diabolical plan. The first launches occurred last year but were ineffective. Suk-Yu Suk and Josef Stalin have mastered the miniaturization of many things.

mini_frogmanThe pictured Nano-Bot frog was discovered when Mini-MonkeyTeen explored the secret jungle lair of Josef Stalin. North Korea has been using the technology very well in their new plan.


You can see from the enlarged image of one of the individual mini-turtles that the North Koreans along with Suk-Yu Suk are in fact about to launch an attack.

turtle weaponNo need to fret. PoopTeen and the Gang of Aces are on the move. The world will continue to be a safe and happy place for children to play freely. Imagine the consequences if the Evil Doers plan succeeds. We will all have to ride the North Korean produced roller coasters of dread.




Spam from Furkan



This is some SPAM sent to the HQ

“omg, too funny! haven’t done that for ryan yet… but i HAVE done it for our DOCTOR! levi was having some crazy green poos for a while so i took in my diitgal camera to show her at his 4 month check-up and make sure everything was ok. can we say FIRST TIME MOM?!!! lol.thanks for joining in. love it! :Dadriel”