Warning for Kim Jong Un


To all the doers of evil.  Be forewarned that PoopTeen and the Gang of Aces have not forgotten about you.  We have simply been busy rearranging the PoopCave.  We painted the walls and bought new drapes.  It feels much more open and airy.


I digress!!


We are on to you Kim Jong Un.


Stalin can’t pull a fast one by thinking you can slip in to office and then go off to Disney Japan with some 2 dollar whore from the back woods.  You are not Kim Jong Nam!

We have no floral basket for you Kim Jong Un.

We only have a warning!!!

We know when you are sleeping.  We know when you are not.  But, most of all we know when you are pooping!!  And that is when you are most vulnerable.  Our trained dolphins will swim to your North Korean resort and blow you right out of your banana hammock!!


Your armor has chinks.  We know it.  You are doomed.

Mini-MonkeyTeen Exposes New Threat


After sending Mini-MonkeyTeen back in to the Jungles of Doom PoopTeen and the other Aces have learned something very disturbing.



It appears that our Evil Doer nemesis Josef Stalin has been working day and night to create a hoard of Mini-Frogs. These Froglet-Frogmen are top secret ninjas of the smallest order. With billions ready to unleash carnage upon the free and peace loving nations these Mini-Frogs could destroy all we have come to know.



PoopTeen and The Gang of Aces are determined to keep Josef Stalin and his Evil Doers from causing harm. You are safe with PoopTeen.