PoopTeen Travels the Corridors of Time

John Titor isn’t the only one that knows the secrets of time travel.  Time travel is all around us and is easy to do.  It is best left to other places to discuss the in’s and out’s.
I fell into a time warp and woke up in 1985.  It was a blast.  Drinking “Old Coke”, saying things like “wicked”.  What more do you need??  Here is who became my Gang of Aces while on my journey.

Stacey is on the far left with the bottle of Bud.  Jane is the blonde(she is a great kisser).  Tracy is in the back.  She is kind of quiet but warms up quickly and gets crazy.  Plus, she hiccups after she drinks vodka.  Teddy is the guy in the back row second from the right.  He is chasing Stacey.  Todd is in the skinny white tie.  I told him he looked like a dork but he insisted it was hip.  Joan is wearing Jack-O’s hat.  Jack-O is pretending to be passed out wearing sun glasses.
Dunno what was trying to be done by adding a fourth to the classic monkey three piece.

He wouldn’t listen when I shared the fact that Eddie Van Halen is now irrelevant.
This is worth it for the babes and Mike’s knee pads.
Yikes.  Those pleats, socks and shoes look dangerous.
It was a good trip while it lasted.